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Fast, Dynamic, Scalable Resource Allocation

Every data center faces the challenge of deploying more applications to serve more users within the confines of existing space, power, and cooling resources. Application silos have historically been a "best practice." But in today´s world of faster, more efficient processors and increased memory capacity, silos fail. They overprovision and underutilize resources, limit resource sharing, and don´t provide the flexibility and agility that today´s businesses require.

Cisco Unified Computing System outperforms silos by:

  • Simplifying provisioning
  • Facilitating resource sharing
  • Increasing flexibility; any server can be assigned to any application workload in minutes

The Cisco UCS smart infrastructure eliminates walls between computing silos and runs any workload on any server as needed. It delivers a flexible pool of computing, network, and storage access resources that can be allocated and reallocated. This helps you respond to changing business requirements while managing capacity strategically throughout your organization.

Cisco UCS blade and rack-mount servers can move from the loading dock and into production in a "plug-and-play" operation, simplifying application migration to new servers. The UCS approach lowers operating costs, increases security, and reduces errors that cause application downtime.

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