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Consolidate Management to Reduce Costs

Today there are too many tools and too many steps to accomplish routine administrative tasks. This increases costs and slows time to production. Traditional server lifecycle management can make each server a static resource dedicated to a single task for life. This limits organizational agility and flexibility while reducing capital resource utilization.

Cisco UCS automatically discovers, inventories, and configures components, bringing together servers in a converged system that is self-aware and self-integrating. Architecturally, Cisco UCS servers are joined into a single virtual blade chassis that is centrally managed yet physically distributed across multiple blade chassis, rack-mount servers, and even racks and rows.

The larger virtual chassis has a single, redundant point of management that:

  • Lowers infrastructure cost per server
  • Reduces management touch points
  • Easily scales as compute needs increase
  • Decreases cost for administration, capital, and operations

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