Collaboration for the Energy Sector

Improve Efficiency in the Energy Industry

Use collaboration technology to scale expertise and meet demands of a shifting marketplace.

Energy organizations can integrate and use collaboration technology to improve operational efficiency and better connect employees. It also enhances interactions with partners and customers.

The energy industry is expansive, ranging from traditional oil and gas companies to utilities and renewable-energy firms. Many operations are now global, but retain the need for localized expertise and customer service. The industry also faces challenges, such as:

  • Global competition
  • Managing an aging workforce
  • Bringing in next-generation talent
  • Implementing more scalable technology to meet changing needs

At the same time, the industry needs to comply with industry and environmental standards, while meeting new customer demands. Priorities include:

  • Helping to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Recruiting and retaining quality talent
  • Building an integrated customer experience

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Energy Sector Case Studies

See how energy companies are using collaboration technology to improve operations.


Explorer Pipeline Unifies Workers

Explorer used technology to unify a distributed workforce and improve productivity.

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More Energy Industry Case Studies

  • Bellatrix Exploration deploys unified collaboration technologies on its existing network foundation.
  • North West Redwater streamlines communications to keep oil refinery projects on track.
  • Goldcorp boosts efficiency for its mining operations with collaboration technology and the Internet of Things.
  • Saipem uses video conferencing to cut travel costs and share subject-matter expertise over distance. (PDF - 586 KB)Adobe PDF file

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