Collaboration Case Study: Bellatrix

Extend TelePresence to anyone

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Unified Collaboration Helps Enable Growth

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd., an oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, deploys TelePresence and Jabber technologies at scale by building on its solid network foundation from Cisco.


Bellatrix has nearly doubled in size over the past four years. With more growth on the horizon, the company’s IT team recognized that its legacy network could not support a rapidly expanding footprint.


Cisco was the sole vendor capable of providing a full suite of enterprise-class collaboration tools perfectly integrated with an advanced network


  • Greater consistency: Created unified collaboration environment with a simple solution from a single vendor
  • More productivity: Improved efficiency by integrating communication channels
  • Peace of mind: Implemented wireless technologies in remote areas to assist in disaster-recovery efforts
These days, we’re an all Cisco shop and I love it. It’s so much easier to be working with the same vendor across your whole network. And if you run into problems with any of your devices, Cisco provides fantastic end-to-end support.
- Mark Wade
Network Analyst, Bellatrix Exploration Ltd