Improve Collaboration to Support Innovation and Growth

Support Innovation and Growth

Improve collaboration to accelerate the development of ideas to support innovation, new products, process improvements, and growth.

Improve Collaboration to Support Innovation and Growth

Improving productivity and creativity to support innovation takes on greater relevance during tough economic times. Cost and efficiency improvements can achieve only so much. Eventually, you need to identify new sources of revenue and market share.

Newer forms of interaction have the potential to foster greater levels of collaboration. Empowerment and engagement are powerful elements: Together, they can improve both individual and collective performance, leading to innovation that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Collaboration Use Cases to Support Innovation and Growth

  • Collaborate with External Organizations

    Help eliminate organizational and geographic barriers to innovation by facilitating scalable and highly secure voice, video, and file sharing.

  • Extend Telephony with Video

    Accelerate decision making and innovation by making face-to-face video from a desk phone or softphone application as simple as a voice call.

  • Collaborate from Within Business Applications

    Simplify workflows and improve productivity by accessing collaboration and conferencing capabilities within the applications that you use most often.

  • Enable Mobile Workers and BYOD

    Increase collaboration and innovation by giving employees the flexibility to use mobile devices as an extension of your enterprise environment.

  • Locate and Access Remote Experts

    Identify, locate, and connect with experts when and where you need them. Share expertise efficiently using high-quality audio and video.

  • Incorporate Video into Meetings

    Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance to share content and make decisions.

What Are Your Business Priorities?

Improve collaboration to address business priorities.

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