Collaboration Use Cases - Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Engagement

The more connected employees feel, the easier it is for them to support your organization's objectives.

Improve Employee Engagement

As the work environment becomes more mobile and dispersed, it’s challenging to keep employees fully engaged. Employees need trusted connections with executives, managers, and peers. They also need access to the tools and information necessary to do their job, collaborate with others, and develop their skills.

Collaboration is fundamental to high levels of employee engagement. Key findings from a study from BlessingWhite identify benefits, including the following:

  • Employees view career development, training, and opportunities to apply their talents as top factors in job satisfaction.
  • Trust in executives appears to have more than twice the impact on engagement as trust in immediate managers.
  • Engaged employees stay for what they give to the organization, whereas the disengaged stay for what they get from the organization.

To take advantage of these benefits, executives have to demonstrate consistency in words and action, communicate often, and align business practices and behaviors throughout the organization.

Collaboration Use Cases for Enhancing Employee Engagement

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Work is more interconnected than ever and employees want flexibility.

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