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Control Costs

Reduce costs by simplifying technology while extending more flexible collaboration options to employees.

Control Costs

Businesses are consistently challenged to evaluate ways to control costs while addressing business needs through technology. It is important to build in sufficient flexibility to accommodate new developments as your needs evolve. You want to extend the value of your existing IT investments, establish immediate value, and promote user adoption.

As the work environment evolves with mobile work styles and device choices, so do the options for using technology to improve the bottom line. You can still improve collaboration while reducing the total cost of IT ownership and adapting more quickly and flexibly to change.

Collaboration Use Cases

Explore how collaboration implementations can help you control costs.

Primary Use Cases for Improving Cost Control

Secondary Use Cases for Improving Cost Control

  • Support Mobile Workers and BYOD

    Make is easier for employees to work where they're most effective using personal or company-issued mobile devices as a highly secure extension of your enterprise network.

  • Incorporate Video into Meetings

    Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance.

  • Support Teleworkers & Branch Offices

    Give employees secure access from multiple locations, whether satellite offices, home offices, or when traveling.

  • Deliver Online Events & Training

    Broadcast live and on-demand events, meetings, seminars, and training so employees, customers, and partners can attend where and when they need to.

  • Provide Multichannel Customer Service

    Move past typical customer interactions to increase customer loyalty through more interactive and collaborative relationships.

Identify Your Business Priorities

Address business priorities by improving collaboration.

The New Collaboration Experience

Create a workspace where people can engage more effectively to drive innovation.

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BYOD and Virtualization Survey

Learn about the business impact of bring-your-own-device policies and desktop virtualization.

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