Business Video

Enterprise Medianet Architecture

Gain Scalability and Flexibility

Deploy and scale multiple video applications across a range of use cases with the enterprise medianet architecture optimized for video. This architecture provides the flexibility for optimal deployment of video technologies for virtual meetings, corporate communications and events, safety and security, advertising, customer care and training, and education.

The enterprise medianet architecture includes:

  • Endpoints of all sizes for a comprehensive set of video applications
  • Network-based media services for video-optimized capabilities across applications
  • Video infrastructure products that deliver these media servicesv
  • Medianet capabilities across the endpoints, services, and video and network infrastructure

With a common set of media services, the architecture provides reusability of assets. For example, implement transcoding for Cisco TelePresence interoperability, then use that capability and video infrastructure for transcoding video on demand or streaming video desktop applications.

Because the enterprise medianet architecture for video shares many components with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture, you get proven video experiences and applications and industry-leading collaboration capabilities.

Enterprise Video Architecture

Deliver Superior Experiences

Protect your investment, deliver superior end-user experiences, and help IT manage your company's media assets more effectively with the enterprise medianet architecture for video.

Deploy more video applications and combine those applications with greater versatility:

  • Expand meetings beyond company boundaries by combining Cisco TelePresence with WebEx for TelePresence OneTouch capabilities
  • Record and broadcast corporate communications and events at lower cost by adding Show and Share to Cisco TelePresence
  • Create training and education materials more flexibly by combining video from Flip Prosumer cameras with Show and Share
  • Create compelling customer care applications for store or branch locations with Cisco TelePresence and Digital Signs
  • Develop innovative customer care and advertising applications with Physical Security and Cisco Digital Sign deployments
  • Improve safety and security response with Physical Security video feeds to Show and Share or Cisco TelePresence clients

Take advantage of existing deployments in new ways, gain even better return on investment, and reap the rewards of better collaboration, communication, education, and protection.

The enterprise medianet architecture for video helps enable organizations of any size to achieve true any-to-any, pervasive video.