Cisco Digital Transport Adapter 170 (HD)

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Powerful Digital HD Video in a Compact Device

Increase your options in offering new, introductory, and premium digital video service tiers with Cisco Digital Transport Adapter 170 (HD). Take full advantage of the power of high-definition video. The Digital Transport Adapter 170 (HD) is operable within your existing Cisco video network control plane and PowerKEY Conditional Access.

Feature and Capabilities

  • High definition and standard definition MPEG-4 and MPEG 2 decode
  • Digital-only QAM tuning up to 1GHz
  • HDMI and Channel 3 / 4 NTSC output
  • The DTA 170HD has earned the ENERGY STARĀ®
  • Self-install options
  • PowerKEY Conditional Access mode for digital security using an RSA encryption

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