Cisco UCS Invicta Series Solid State Systems

Integrated Memory for Accelerated Performance

Cisco UCS Invicta Series Solid State Systems harness the power of flash technology to accelerate data-intensive application workloads. By bringing dramatically faster I/O into the computing domain, the Cisco UCS Invicta Series allows businesses to transact, process, and analyze more data in less time. In addition to accelerating applications, Cisco UCS Invicta eliminates labor-intensive processes and simplifies the data center, allowing for maximum operational efficiency and sustained business advantage.

Accelerate the Data Center

Accelerate the Data Center

Uncover the business effects of flash memory systems.

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco UCS Invicta Series products include:

Optimized Performance, Reliability, and Endurance

Each product in the UCS Invicta Series is powered by the UCS Invicta OS (PDF - 2.69 MB), which is specifically designed to manage flash memory and offers nearly symmetrical write-read performance. Additionally, the OS takes a unique approach to writing data, performing garbage collection, and correcting errors, allowing significant endurance, reliability, and performance advantages.

Consistent Application Acceleration

Accelerate data-intensive workloads, including analytics and intelligence, batch processing, database loads (PDF - 2.22 MB), email (PDF - 2.16 MB), high-performance computing, online transaction processing, video transcoding, and virtual desktops (PDF - 1.22 MB)Adobe PDF file.

Easy Deployment and Management

The unified management with Cisco UCS Director speeds up resource allocation and reallocation through process automation. And the scalable pools of flash memory help users meet application acceleration needs and eliminate operational bottlenecks in the data center.

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