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Where Is Your Server Vendor Headed?

Are you concerned?

Where Is Your Server Vendor Headed?

The Server World is in Turmoil.

How do these changes affect you?

  • Lenovo's purchase of the IBM x86 server business?
  • Privatization, lack of direction, and clarity elsewhere?

Cisco UCS is your stable, dependable partner.

Cisco UCS: A Clear Path to a High-Performance Future

Dependable, Scalable, Manageable

Recent changes in the server market are prompting many IT professionals to reevaluate their options. As your server infrastructure evolves, it's important to establish relationships with a partner you can depend on. You need to manage and control data center operations, without worrying if your new server company has the expertise you need.

Cisco UCS is that dependable partner. Our platform helps people around the world build a more powerful, more efficient, and a more economical computing environment. For today and for the future. IT professionals worldwide are adopting UCS at a rapid pace.

Why Should You Choose UCS?

Real customers in every industry are achieving results in real time. Here's what they are saying:

How Do Competitors Stack Up Against Cisco UCS

What Is the UCS Business Advantage?

We use Business Advantage to describe those benefits that make a significant business impact for you and your IT department.

Business Advantages tie directly to architecture, management and total cost of ownership (TCO), the critical elements that help IT departments run more smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Date UCS Servers Topic Title
07/2014 All Business Advantage Total Economic Impact of Cisco UCS, by Forrester Consulting, July 2014 (PDF - 1.04 MB)
02/2014 B-Series Business Advantage Cisco UCS, HP, and IBM: A Blade Architecture Comparison (PDF - 8.8 MB)
09/2014 All Business Advantage IT Agility Delivered: Cisco Unified Computing System (PDF - 8 MB)
01/2013 All Business Advantage Gartner: Fabric-Based Infrastructure in Today's Data Centers with Donna Scott and Paul Perez, January 2013 (36:00 min)
01/2013 All Business Advantage Gartner: Fabric-Based Infrastructure in Today's Data Centers, January 2013 Podcast (36:00 min)
03/2014 B-Series Power Efficiency Cisco UCS Power Efficiency Beats HP, IBM, and Dell Solutions (PDF - 506 KB)
11/2013 B-Series Power Efficiency & Calculators All Server Power Calculators Are Not Created Equally (3:29 min)


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Then use the Trade-In Calculator to calculate your purchase credits toward new UCS servers. Learn more about the UCS Advantage Refresh to UCS Trade-In Program.

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The next age of IT is here: Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

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