Cisco Content Security Management Appliance

Centralize Email and Web Security Management

The Cisco Content Security Management Appliance (SMA) centralizes management and reporting functions across multiple Cisco email and web security appliances. It simplifies administration and planning, improves compliance monitoring, helps to enable consistent enforcement of policy, and enhances threat protection.


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Features and Capabilities

Centralized Configuration Management, Tracking, and Reporting for Web

The Cisco SMA simplifies administration by publishing configurations from a single management console to multiple Cisco web security appliances. You can manage updates and settings centrally on the Cisco SMA console rather than on the individual appliances.

Alternatively, organizations can dedicate specific appliances to individual applications in high-volume deployments. Fully integrated reporting consolidates real-time traffic data from multiple Cisco email and web security appliances. Among its web tracking and reporting capabilities, Cisco SMA:

  • Records individual web transactions - IP address, username, domain name, time, and more
  • Tracks employee use of Web 2.0 applications – Facebook, YouTube, and IM
  • Aggregates web tracking information in real time and displays graphically
  • Identifies websites, URL categories, and applications accessible using company devices

Centralized Policy, Tracking, Reporting, and Quarantine for Email

With Cisco SMA, you can manage updates and settings centrally rather than on the individual appliances. Message tracking aggregates data from multiple Cisco email security appliances, including data categorized by sender, recipient, message subject, and other parameters. Scanning results, such as spam and virus verdicts, are also displayed, as are policy violations. It also:

  • Tracks and reports on message disposition, URLs, and other email attributes
  • Consolidates email security quarantines into a single repository
  • Includes antispam, antivirus, Outbreak Filters, policy quarantines, and more

By centralizing the management of multiple appliances, administrators can enforce consistent acceptable use policies across the organization

Enhanced Threat Protection

The Cisco SMA provides a comprehensive view of security for improved threat intelligence, defense, and remediation. That includes:

  • Centralized management of email spam quarantine
  • Comprehensive threat monitoring across multiple web and email security gateways
  • Web reputation scoring
  • Botnet detection

The SMA's reporting capabilities can also be used to identify and address key activities and trends for data loss prevention (DLP) and remediation.

Flexible Deployment

Cisco Content Security Management Virtual Appliance (SMAV) helps businesses deploy and manage web and email security wherever and whenever it's needed. This platform virtualization has the same look and feel as the Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAV) and Cisco Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV).

Here's an easy way to evaluate the Cisco Content Security Management Appliance if you don’t have one: Just download the Cisco Content Security Management Virtual Appliance (SMAV), apply the trial license, and run your virtual SMA. SMAV can manage both hardware and virtual appliances.

Specifications at a Glance

Deployment Users* Model Description
Large Enterprise 6000-12000 Cisco M680 2 octa-core CPUs, 4.8 TB (8 x 600 GB SAS) storage, RAID 10, hot-swappable hard drive
Midsize Office 1500-6000 Cisco M380 1 hexa-core CPU, 2.4 TB (4 x 600 GB SAS) storage, RAID 10, hot-swappable hard drive
Small Business or Branch Office Up to 1500 Cisco M170 1 dual-core CPU, 500 GB (2 x 250 GB SATA) storage, RAID 1, hot-swappable hard drive.

*Confirm sizing guidance with a Cisco content security specialist to help ensure your solution will meet your current and projected needs.


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