Cisco IOS XE

Cisco IOS XE

Preparing Your Network for the Future

Cisco IOS helps establish a transition to next generation platforms. It gives you the tools to navigate the dynamics of the ever-changing business models that are transforming Internet and intranet use today.

Delivering Full Functionality

Cisco IOS XE software is a result of the continuing evolution of Cisco IOS. This software provides a modular structure that delivers full Cisco IOS feature functionality. Cisco IOS XE helps ready your network for future developments and changes.

Primary benefits include:

  • Improved services integration
  • Advanced high availability
  • Ability to use previous Cisco IOS management skills
  • Rapid feature delivery
  • Universal Image

The Cisco IOS XE modular structure significantly enhances the software quality and performance by separating the data plane and control plane. Feature velocity is optimized by running Cisco IOS Release 15 in this state-of-the-art networking software.

Cisco IOS continues to evolve, and offer new benefits to help you manage your network.

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