Identity Based Networking Services

Cisco TrustSec provides visibility into and control of who and what is connected to the network. Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS) is the component of TrustSec that delivers network-based identity context. Specifically, it offers consistent authentication and authorization features across Cisco Catalyst Access Switches.

Phased Deployment Model

Phased Deployment Model

Cisco's deployment approach gradually introduces identity-based access control. (7:20 min)

Flexible Authentication

Cisco supports a wide range of authentication options, including 802.1x for managed devices and users, web authentication for guests or non-802.1x users, and MAC authentication bypass for unmanaged or non-802.1x devices. The order and priority of authentication methods can be configured, along with behavior after 802.1x or AAA server failures.

Flexible Deployment Modes

Cisco supports three deployment modes: monitor, low-impact, and high-security, providing a phased approach for 802.1x deployment. In particular, monitor mode enables 802.1x without enforcement, so your business can monitor network authentications, evaluate risks, and prepare the network for access control in later phases.

Interoperable with Unified Communications

Cisco IBNS offers multidomain authentication for voice devices such as IP phones behind PCs on a switch infrastructure into the appropriate voice LAN. This enables the network to authenticate and authorize each individual host and MAC address on the same switch port. This service offers broad support for unified communications and IP telephony integration.Get more information.

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