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Service Control EasyApp – Traffic Distribution among Subscribers

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This Cisco ® Service Control Engine (SCE) EasyApp guide explains how you can use Cisco SCE to understand the distribution of traffic among subscribers, identify bandwidth-hogs, and determine fair-usage policies that best apply to the your network and environment.

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SCE Equipment and Software Version

Type of Effort

Visibility and Business Intelligence

Hardware: Cisco SCE 2000 and 8000 Series Service Control Engine.

Software: Release 3.5 or later.

A few hours for configuration and report generation. We recommend repeating the process regularly to keep up to date with trends in your network.

Traffic Distribution among Subscribers

No matter the type of network you operate, different subscribers will have different needs. Some will log in every day, use bandwidth-heavy applications like peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing or video streaming, and create large amounts of traffic. Others will use the network only occasionally, or use it for undemanding applications such as browsing the web or listening to music online.
The business model behind network access is equally complex: In some cases "flat fee access" provides unlimited best-effort Internet access to all subscribers. Others network service providers create billing plans to match the needs of different tiers of users. Other still network operators implement bandwidth-caps and limits to regulate usage and avoid abuse.
Regardless of the model used by your organization, getting a better understanding of the distribution of network traffic across the subscriber base is crucial in order to properly plan, implement, and monitor network policies. This EasyApp guide explains how to use the Cisco SCE for this purpose, providing critical information for:

Network Planning: Provide critical data on average and peak consumption rates to assess the appropriate levels of network over-subscription, anticipate congestion, and better plan network upgrades.

Marketing: Understanding how subscribers use the network assists in financial modeling, service planning and uncovering market potential.

Operations and Support: By knowing how average users and power users utilize the network, support personnel are better equipped to address individual customer complaints in a timely and sensitive manner.


To generate reports on traffic distribution, the Cisco SCE must be configured in either anonymous or subscriber-aware mode. Please refer to the SCE documentation at for details about setting the platform for report generation.
By generating the reports shown in Figure 1 on an ongoing basis, you can give your organization a greater understanding of the distribution of traffic among subscribers.

Figure 1. Cisco SCE Service Control Reports

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