Cisco 7300 Series Routers

Replacement or Upgrade of Cisco 7301 Router Power Supplies

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Product Overview

This product bulletin relates to unique characteristics of the power supply subsystem found in the Cisco ® 7301 Router.
Cisco 7301 power supplies must be ordered strictly in conjunction with a Cisco 7301 chassis. Table 1 summarizes available power supply configurations.

Table 1. Cisco 7301 Power Supplies

Part Number

Product Description


Cisco 7301 AC Power Supply Option 


Cisco 7301 Dual AC Power Supply Option 


Cisco 7301 Dual DC48 Power Supply Option 

Specifically, currently supported Cisco 7301 power supplies are not field-replaceable units (FRUs). Because of the compact, 1-rack-unit (1RU) form factor of the product, opening the cover of the Cisco 7301 may expose the operator to hazardous voltages on exposed components even after the unit has been disconnected from its power source.


Q. How do I proceed if a power supply on a Cisco 7301 Router has failed?
A. The complete Cisco 7301 chassis must be removed from its premises and returned to Cisco for approved factory maintenance.
Q. Can spare power supplies be ordered for the Cisco 7301?
A. No. Cisco does not currently sell spare power supplies for the Cisco 7301 because field replacement of these units is not endorsed.
Q. How do I upgrade a Cisco 7301 from a single to a dual AC power supply?
A. The only way to obtain a Cisco 7301 with dual AC supply is to order that exact configuration from the factory. Cisco offers attractive technology migration promotion (TMP) incentives that would apply to such a trade-in.
Q. What particular problem causes a safety concern?
A. Opening the cover of a Cisco 7301 exposes electronic components known as capacitors that can retain their high-voltage charge long after the unit has been disconnected. The concern is that the operator may accidentally contact the leads of one of these capacitors and receive an electric discharge.

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