Case Study: Symantec


Network Automation Saves Time and Money

Company: Symantec

Industry: Security Management

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Company Size: 11,000

Symantec needed a faster, more efficient way to provision global business applications.


  • Meeting business demands for global application deployment
  • Helping to ensure a seamless, reliable, secure employee experience with business applications
  • Establish IT as the business-enabler with automated, simplified processes



  • Shrink a six-month process to minutes
  • Reduced costs of $200,000 per project to nominal costs
  • Could now instantly respond to application requirements, and shift IT’s attention to strategic initiatives
QoS rollouts were once six-month projects costing over $200,000. With Cisco APIC-EM easy QoS, we will go from months to minutes with nominal costs.
- Brian McEvoy,
Senior Network Engineer, Symantec

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