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Big Picture, Small Footprint: Cisco WebEx Cloud

In-Person Video Collaboration from the Cloud

When people meet in person, a relationship begins. But in our distributed globalized marketplace, colleagues, partners, and customers may be separated by long distances or busy schedules. Telepresence, the next generation of video conferencing, solves this problem by creating immediate "in-person" experiences so you can accomplish what you need to, without delay.

Telepresence is now available and delivered by Cisco WebEx through the cloud. With WebEx Telepresence, you're ready to use Cisco's best-in-class telepresence endpoints in a matter of minutes over the Internet, and can also add video calling capabilities to your PCs and Macs.

It is designed to easily connect you with your colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers. Find their video address in your directory and click "start." You don't have to think about how to make it work because the WebEx cloud handles all of the management and maintenance for you.