Service and Support

A Smart Choice for Your Business

Optimize network operations, minimize business disruptions, and access technical assistance when you need it most.

Sevice and Support

Cisco Smart Care Service is ideal for businesses with 50 to 600 network users and a limited IT staff. In addition to providing comprehensive network care, this service verifies network security, reliability, and operations to help you boost productivity and get the most from your technology investments.

Cisco SMARTnet Service is designed for businesses with complex network needs and an expert IT staff that needs direct, anytime access to Cisco expertise and resources. This service combines expert troubleshooting assistance and online tools with flexible device coverage options to help keep your network running smoothly while reducing operating costs. We also have a plan that offers protection for your Cisco Smart Business Communications System.

What are the benefits of Cisco Smart Services?

In addition to increasing the business value and return on investment of your network, Cisco Smart Services for Small and Medium Business can help you:

  • Lower total network ownership costs
  • Increase network uptime
  • Quickly respond to changing business needs
  • Speed access to applications and services
  • Enjoy support that's customized to meet your unique business needs

Which service option is right for you?

Your partner can help you select the Cisco Smart Service for Small and Medium Business that's just right for your business. Find a Cisco Certified Channel Partner or service provider in your area—type in your location and interests to find the right partner for your business.