Here, you will find the latest news on Cisco certifications, links to video offerings from TechWiseTV, and upcoming events such as Networkers and those provided through Networking Professionals Connection.


New Technical Documentation Ideas Forum

A new Technical Documentation Ideas forum recently opened in the NetPro Idea Center. The purpose of this new forum is to create a community for Cisco Technical Documentation readers. This forum invites users of the Cisco 7600 Series, Cisco ASR 1000 Series, and Cisco CRS-1 to participate in discussions regarding such topics as:

  • Improvements you would like to see
  • Configuration examples you need
  • Troubleshooting information essential to you

Visit the Ideas forum today and become a part of this new community.

TechWiseTV: "Switching Secrets for Multimedia"

As networks become vital for connecting people and processes, full-service video and other rich media communications are quickly gaining adoption. In this environment, your network foundation becomes more important than ever. This TechWiseTV episode will show you how to make the most of the switching technologies you might already have to achieve the performance you need.

Carl Solder, Cisco Distinguished Marketing Engineer and one of only four Distinguished Switch Engineers in the world, joins TechWiseTV to reveal the valuable techniques, tools, and innovations that can help you make the most of your switching investments.

Discover how rich multimedia is affecting switch and network design. Find out how to architect a real-time network to support rich communication and full-service video through extensive whiteboarding sessions. Learn the most overlooked and underpublicized secrets for effective core security as well as:

  • How to use Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD), NetFlow, and other built-in tools to identify and eliminate the sources of jitter
  • What makes a switch truly "stackable" and why the distinction is vitally important
  • How to use the Programmable Intelligent Services Accelerator (PISA) to achieve effective Layer 4–7 security
  • How to take advantage of the Cisco Virtual Switching System (VSS) to maximize availability, scalability, management, and ease of maintenance

Learn more and register to view today.


Upcoming "Ask the Expert" Events and TechTalks from Networking Professionals Connection.

  • Ask the Expert
    • "ASR 1000 Series 20G Embedded Services Processor (ESP)," now through January 30
    • "Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL)," now through January 30
    • "AXP on the Cisco ISR," February 2-13
    • "Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS)," February 2-13
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