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TechWiseTV: "Energy Efficiency in the Data Center"

Call it the dirty little secret of the digital age. When it comes to energy waste, data centers are among the world's biggest offenders. Most physical servers run at only about 10 to 15 percent utilization, yet can consume almost as much energy as at peak usage. Every watt of data center electricity consumption requires an additional watt just for cooling. And right now, the unutilized servers in the United States alone emit more carbon dioxide each year than the entire country of Thailand.

In addition to the environmental effects, saving energy in your data center can provide substantial green benefits in the form of significant cost savings. And, with data centers projected to continue expanding and the cost of energy increasing rapidly, this is becoming a critical priority for today's IT professionals.

Learn the five practical steps you can take right now to reduce your energy consumption. Discover the tools you need to monitor, measure, and manage your data center energy usage more efficiently at the new Cisco Efficiency Assurance Program (EAP) website. Find out how much energy you can actually save with consolidation and virtualization plus the added benefits these solutions offer. This 60-minute video broadcast will also provide:

  • Methods for assessing energy usage and corresponding emissions
  • Interactive calculators for estimating power costs, capacity, and utilization rates
  • Standard metrics to quantify power requirements at the systems level
  • Shared learning from IT, facilities, and environmental professionals in the industry

Learn more and register to view today.

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    • "Unified Communications Express Product Portfolio," September 22 through October 3
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