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Vol.7 No.8 Unmatched Online Technical Support August 2005
Format Changes to the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter

Welcome to the August issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter! This month's issue launches a new look and feel for the newsletter. We have made several changes to improve navigation and readability.

These changes include:

  • A more descriptive table of contents

  • Articles placed closer to the top of the newsletter for faster access

  • Clearer divisions between the newsletter's major sections, such as News Updates and New Technical Tips

We have also added a new top navigation bar, with these options:

  • Subscribe - Subscribe to this newsletter

  • Newsletter Archive - View past issues of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter

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My Tech Support - UPDATE:
New Functionality Now Available

Cisco recently added three new "portlets" to My Tech Support -- Output Interpreter, Technical Support Advisor, and Did You Know -- and enhanced the Service Request portlet. My Tech Support is the personalization feature of the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website, and allows you to display personalized information about Cisco products, technologies, service requests, bug updates, and more.

New My Tech Support functionality available to Cisco SMARTnet and SP Base customers and to Cisco partners includes:

  • Service Request portlet - In this enhanced portlet, you can now define the number of service request summaries (up to 10) that appear.

  • Output Interpreter portlet - A shortcut to one of our most popular online troubleshooting tools, you can use this portlet to launch an Output Interpreter session.

  • Technical Support Advisor portlet - A shortcut to the Technical Support Advisor targeted search tool.

  • Did You Know portlet - Displays tips and tricks on how to use the My Tech Support portal and its features.

Note: New My Tech Support users will see the three new portlets automatically. If you are a current My Tech Support user and would like to begin using the new portlets, you will need to add them to your page manually.

Learn how to add and use these and other My Tech Support portlets at:

Visit My Tech Support at:
(available to registered users only)

Not registered with Visit the URL below to register and begin taking advantage of this and many other useful tools:

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Cisco TAC Case Collection Tool - UPDATE:
Solutions Now Available through Search

If you are registered with, you can now use Search to locate over 3,300 TAC Case Collection solutions to common network issues. These solutions are developed from actual cases that have been resolved by Cisco TAC engineers.

Simply type keywords into the "Search" field located in the upper right-hand corner of all pages. Search returns links to relevant TAC Case Collection solutions, identified by "[TAC Case Collection]" in the resulting link.

Learn more about using Search to find TAC Case Collection solutions in this short PowerPoint presentation:

Visit the TAC Case Collection today at:
(available to registered users only)

Note: Due to the dynamic nature of the TAC Case Collection content, use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 6.0, or later versions.

For more information, contact

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Cisco Output Interpreter Tool - UPDATE:
Online Tool Now Supports MeetingPlace Outputs

The Cisco Output Interpreter is an online tool that analyzes command outputs to detect and resolve potential problems. In addition to supporting command outputs from your router, switch, PIX firewall, and Cisco IOS wireless access point, this online tool now supports the Cisco MeetingPlace conferencing solution.

Other new Output Interpreter features include:

  • Alarm decoding
  • Decoding for additional system error messages
  • Cross-command analysis for system error messages
  • Support for the "show ntp," "show ip nat," "show interface switching," and "show crypto" commands

For example, when you submit the output of a "show ip nat statistics" command, the tool will check the number of misses. If applicable, the tool will suggest checking the number of addresses allocated for the NAT pool, and that the Port Address Translation (PAT) is configured to ensure that NAT works even when all pool addresses are exhausted.

Visit the Cisco Output Interpreter today at:
(available to registered users only)

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Cisco Marketplace - UPDATE:
New Functionality Makes Purchasing Product Documentation Easier

"What's New in Cisco Documentation" is an online publication that provides information on the latest documentation releases for Cisco products. Updated monthly, this publication is organized by product category to quickly direct you to the documentation for your Cisco products.

Documentation available for purchase in the Cisco online Product Documentation Store is identified with a "Buy it Now" link and corresponding "DOC-" number; for example, "DOC-7816181=." Enter the "DOC-" number into the store's Search field to locate the specific document.

Highlights of the August release of "What's New in Cisco Documentation" include documentation for these products:

  • Catalyst 2940 Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.1(22)EA5
  • Catalyst 2950 and Catalyst 2955 Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.1(22)EA5
  • Catalyst 2970 Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SEC
  • Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SEC
  • Catalyst 3560 Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SEC
  • Catalyst 3750 Switch, Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SEC

You can view the August release of "What's New in Cisco Documentation" at:

Visit the Product Documentation Store today at:

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Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
Upcoming "Ask the Expert" Events and TechTalks

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive Website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Upcoming events on Networking Professionals Connection include:

  • "Ask the Expert" events, which let you discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "CCIE Storage," now through August 26

    • "Catalyst 4500 Switches," now through August 26

    • "Implementing and Troubleshooting IPSec Redundancy in Cisco Devices,"
      August 29-September 9

    • "Troubleshooting Dial Access Modems/ISDN Issues on Cisco Access Servers,"
      August 29-September 9

    Note: "Ask the Expert" events are subject to rescheduling. Please refer to the URL above for the latest schedule.

  • TechTalks are online Webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web anytime:

To attend an event or participate in a discussion forum, visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

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Updates to Lab Exams

As of July 1, the CCIE Service Provider lab exam is now offered in Beijing, PRC, and online scheduling is available.

Learn more about CCIE Service Provider certification at:

On January 1, 2006, Cisco will make significant content changes to several CCIE lab exams. Based on our ongoing review of exam content and your feedback, we will make these changes to reflect current networking practices.

These changes will include the following:

  • CCIE Routing and Switching written and lab exams will no longer include the following protocols or media types: DLSW, IS-IS, ISDN, PPP over Ethernet, and ATM.

  • CCIE Security lab exams will no longer test on ISDN technology, and ATM will no longer be covered as a Layer 2 transport protocol for WAN connectivity.

  • CCIE Voice lab exams will no longer cover ATM as a Layer 2 transport protocol for WAN connectivity.

Please note, however, that CCIE Service Provider lab exams will continue to test ATM and IS-IS, as these protocols are still widely deployed in service provider networks.

For more news about the Cisco CCIE certification program, visit:

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Cisco IOS

Security Advisory:
IPv6 Crafted Packet Vulnerability

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Configuring Telnet, Console, and AUX Port Passwords

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Tech Note:
Configuration and Verification of Distributed Features on Cisco 75xx and 76xx Routers

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Poor Line Performance and Call Failure Occur due to the T1 Line Code and Path Code Violations

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LAN Switching

Configuration Example:
Catalyst 6500/6000 MSFC Boot from the Supervisor Engine PC Card

Tech Note:
Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches with Supervisor Engine 720 and Cisco IOS System Software Troubleshoot of Unicast IP Routing Problems That Involve CEF

Tech Note:
High CPU Utilization on Cisco IOS Software-Based Catalyst 4500 Switches

Catalyst 6500/6000 QoS

Field Notice:
WS-SVC-FWM-1-K9 - New 1.1 Minimum Software Version Requirement

Field Notice:
WS-C3750G-16TD-E/-S: Hardware Failure, System Reboots, Lose Network Connectivity - Replacement Required

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Configure Port Monitoring (SPAN) on a Catalyst 2940, 2950, 2955, 2970, or 3550 Series Switch

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Network Management

Field Notice:
Campus Manager 4.0.1 Installs Files with Bin:Bin Ownership

Field Notice:
End User GUI on the Common Services Proxy Server Setup Page Does Not Allow Reserved Ports 1-1024

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Recover the Admin Password

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Configuration Example:
Use NAT to Hide the Real IP Address of CTC to Establish a Session with ONS 15454

Security Advisory:
Cisco ONS 15216 OADM Telnet Denial-of-Service Vulnerability

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Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
Authentication for HTTP Admin on AP Version 1.01

Configuration Example:
EAP-FAST Version 1.02 Configuration Guide

Tech Note:
EAP Version 1.01 Certificate Guide

Tech Note:
PIX/ASA 7.0 HTTP Clients Unable to Browse to Certain Websites

Field Notice:
Release Note for Cisco Secure ACS 3.3.3 Missing Some Installation Steps for Upgrading the Cisco 1111

Security Advisory:
Cisco CSA Vulnerable to Crafted IP Attack

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Upgrade PDM Software

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Voice and IP Communications

Tech Note:
Alternate Option to Configure Microsoft IE Security for the WebView Job Scheduler

Tech Note:
Cisco E-Mail Manager Login Failure after Password Change and for New Agents

Tech Note:
IBM MCS New Server Support

Tech Note:
Cisco CRM Communications Connector Client Fails to Open a Contact Window for Incoming Calls

Tech Note:
Cisco CRM Communications Connector Client Authentication Issue

Tech Note:
Methodology to Analyze the System Level Performance of SQL Server

Tech Note:
MeetingPlace Web Browser Test and Browser Optimization

Tech Note:
CallManager DC Directory and Active Directory - Hide Users

Tech Note:
Windows 2003 SP 1 Causes Cisco Unity 4.0(4) and 4.0(5) to Lose Communication with Exchange 2003

Field Notice:
CP-7970G or CP-7971G-GE May Lose Power when Using Inline Power after Upgrading to 6.0(3)

Field Notice:
Cisco Enterprise and Hosted Contact Center Products Notice for Microsoft July 2005 Security Updates

Field Notice:
Cisco Enterprise and Hosted Contact Center Products Notice for Oracle July 2005 Security Updates

Field Notice:
Running MeetingPlace Web and Using the Polling Feature on Systems Not Using the Cisco MCS Operating System May Cause IIS to Fail

Security Advisory:
Cisco CallManager Memory Handling Vulnerabilities

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
When "debug isdn q921" Is Invoked on a Cisco IOS Router That Runs Cisco IOS Version 12.3(11)T or Later with ISDN Connectivity, the User Receives the "S7_T203_EXPIRY: Lost communication with remote" Error Message

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Tech Note:
MGX Network PNNI Connection Trace

Field Notice:
MGX 5.1.20 Bundles Have Shipped with Incorrect RPM-PR and RPM-XF Images - New RPM Images Need to Be Downloaded Individually

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Wireless Domain Services

Field Notice:
AIR-RM22A 802.11a Radio in an AP1200 - 5 GHz Antenna Connectors Are Reversed

Field Notice:
Sun JAVA Cryptography Extension (JCE) 1.2.1 Expires on July 27, 2005

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
"service compress-config" Command on the AP Does Not Work


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