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Meet the businesses benefiting from the latest technology, when they need it.

Regardless of size, location, industry sector, the infrastructure required, there's one smart choice all these companies have made - to finance their technology. Cisco Capital financing is enabling these organisations to innovate and stay competitive.

With Cisco Capital they have access to the right Cisco solution when they need it, rather than when budgets allow. They benefit from cost-effective funding that offers predictable payment streams, improved ROI and easier budget management.

As a result of financing, these companies have been making the best use of available funds for a range of solutions, including:

  • Borderless Networks with financing solutions that lower customer costs, ease migration, shorten refresh cycles and simplify procurement
  • Collaboration with pay-as-you-go financing so they grow their platform at their pace, mirroring costs with savings, making it easier to add users and applications
  • Data Center with financing that covers all areas: compute, network and storage, lowering costs, easing migration, accelerating refreshes and simplifying transfer charging

How did these companies finance their technology, when there was no budget?

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