Cisco Secure Web Appliance

Cisco Secure Web Appliance

Confidently defend against advanced threats

Protect your organisation by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users access.

Reduce risk with a flexible physical or virtual deployment

Deliver outstanding web protection before, during and after an attack with Cisco Secure Web Appliance.

Strong threat protection

Secure every device through a sophisticated global threat-intelligence infrastructure, powered by Cisco Talos, and stay ahead of threats with industry-leading visibility and actionable intelligence.

Granular controls

Enable advanced control of all web traffic, including dynamic web content such as social media applications, and block risky behaviours without hindering user productivity.

Flexible deployment

Scale and evolve as your organisational needs change. Deploy Cisco Secure Web Appliance as a hardware appliance, virtual machine or in the public cloud using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Open, integrated security platform

Integrate everything in your environment to unify visibility, enable automation and strengthen protection.

Cisco Secure Web Appliance models

Model S695

  • Ideal for large enterprises
  • 9.6 TB of disk space
  • 2 rack units (2RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs

Model S395

  • Ideal for mid-size offices
  • 2.4 TB of disk space
  • 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs

Model S195

  • deal for SMB and branch offices
  • 1.2 TB of disk space
  • 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs

Strengthen threat protection, on or off the network

Provide on-premises and cloud-based defence against web-based attacks with Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Secure Web. Together they protect users browsing the web in the office, on the road and everywhere in between.

Add value to your security solutions

Cisco Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement

Instant savings

Buy only what you need with one flexible and easy-to-manage agreement.

Services for security

Let the experts secure your business

Get more from your investments and enable constant vigilance to protect your organisation.

Integrate solutions seamlessly

Centralise security management by using Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager with Cisco Secure Web.