Cisco Catalyst 9000 switching family

Switch things up for hybrid work

Transform your network to handle what's next in this hybrid world. 

Powerful yet flexible switching

The Catalyst 9000 switching family offers versatile design for more-flexible operations. Help ensure a more secure experience and bring exceptional speed and scale with our new Catalyst 9000X models.​

Transform your workplace for hybrid work

Deploy a powerful platform to get the bandwidth, speed and scale required to support today's hybrid work.

Secure your network from the inside out

Leverage enhanced PoE power and advanced AI/ML for continuous zero-trust security anywhere it's needed.

Your network, your way

Manage exceptional network experiences on-premises or in the cloud with Cisco DNA Center or the Cisco Meraki Dashboard.

Build a network for a more sustainable future

Optimise energy efficiency and workplace wellness using your network as the foundation for smarter, more sustainable buildings.

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Meet the family

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches

Fixed stackable switches for enterprise-class access deployments for small branches and mid-sized campuses. Meraki cloud monitoring option. 

Catalyst 9300 and 9300X Switches

Fixed stackable switches for business-critical lean-branch and campus access networks. Meraki cloud management and monitoring options. 

Catalyst 9400 and 9400X Switches

Modular switches for enterprise-class mid-sized and large campus access networks.

Catalyst 9500 and 9500X Switches

Fixed switches for enterprise-class mid-sized and large campus-core networks. Meraki cloud monitoring option.

Catalyst 9600 and 9600X Switches

Modular switches for enterprise-class mid-sized and large campus-core networks

Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series switches

Fixed, stackable, high-performance, rack-mount switches that bring enterprise-grade capabilities to your industrial edge.

Cisco DNA Center

Improve performance and spend less time managing your network.

Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Unify management into a single cloud platform. Sophistication without complexity. Agility without compromise. 


See what you can do with Cisco switching

Zero-trust network policies managed with Cisco DNA Center help improve overall performance and protect your users from threats.

Cisco DNA Center controller, Catalyst 9300 Series and Catalyst 9200  Series Switches, Catalyst 9100 Access Points

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Get everything you need to test-drive Cisco DNA Center automation and assurance capabilities in your lab or production environment.

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