Cisco Unity Unified Messaging User Guide (With Microsoft Exchange), Release 4.0(5)

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Additional Cisco Unity Documentation


The Cisco Unity User Guide shows you, the Cisco Unity user, how to manage your messages, and how to change the settings that define how you work with Cisco Unity.

Information in the Cisco Unity User Guide is presented by task. Each task includes procedures for doing the task. Some procedures may work differently for you, depending on how Cisco Unity is set up at your organization.

Some procedures contain figures that include a step number within a circle pointing to an item on the screen that the step applies to. For example, the following sample figure indicates that Step 4 applies to the OK button.

The "Cisco Unity Phone Menus and Shortcuts" chapter lists the most frequently used Cisco Unity menus and shortcut key sequences for managing messages and personal options by phone.

The "Reference Information" chapter provides space for reference information, where you can write:

The phone numbers for calling Cisco Unity from your desk phone, from another phone within your organization, or from outside your organization.

Your Cisco Unity ID (usually your desk phone extension).

The URL for the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) website.

The Cisco Unity server name and domain. (You need this information to log on to the Cisco PCA website.)

Contact information for your Cisco Unity administrator or other support staff in your organization.

Additional Cisco Unity Documentation

In addition to the Cisco Unity User Guide, you may also find the following documentation useful:

Cisco Unity at a Glance—A quick-reference card that provides instructions for accessing Cisco Unity by phone and accessing the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA). It also contains a map of the prerecorded instructions and menus collectively known as the Cisco Unity phone conversation.

Cisco Unity Phone Menus and Shortcuts—A wallet-sized card that lists the most frequently used Cisco Unity menus and shortcut key sequences for managing your messages and personal options by phone.

All Cisco Unity subscriber documentation is available at