Cisco IP Phone 7905G Administration Guide for H.323
Upgrading Software on the Cisco IP Phone 7905G

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Upgrading Software on the Cisco IP Phone 7905G

Upgrading Software on the Cisco IP Phone 7905G

This chapter describes the procedure to upgrade software for the Cisco IP Phone 7905G.

Note To find your software version number, use the services menu on the Cisco IP Phone 7905G. Press the Services hard key, and then select 5-Settings, 3-Status, and 10-S/W Version.

The Cisco IP Phone 7905G gets upgrade information from its profile, or configuration file, which is stored on a central Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server. Each phone has a unique profile whose name incorporates the unique MAC address associated with that phone. The profile can contain an instruction to the phone to automatically upgrade its firmware image periodically with a TFTP download without user input.

Note TFTP is case-sensitive. When you use TFTP to upgrade your software, ensure that filenames contain only lowercase letters.

To upgrade software, you must set the upgradecode parameter in the configuration profile for that phone. This parameter has several fields, to each of which you assign a value. All fields must be present.

The upgradecode parameter has the following format:



tftp_server_ip is the IP address of TFTP server where you obtain the firmware. Set this to 0 if you are using the same TFTP server to store your Cisco IP Phone 7905G profile.

image_filename is the firmware upgrade-image filename. The format of the filename is ld-v{M}-{N}-{protocol}-{yymmdd}{a-f}.zup where:

M is the Major version number.

N is the Minor version number (2 digits).

Protocol is either h323, sip, or mgcp.

yymmdd is a 2-digit number representing the year, a 2-digit number representing the month, and a 2-digit number representing the day.

a-f is the build letter.

Note yymmdd and a-f together form the build date of the image.

zup is the suffix of the firmware image for the Cisco IP Phone 7905G.

image_id is a unique 32-bit integer value. The phone use this value to determine whether an upgrade has already occurred. We suggest you concatenate the prefix 0x with the build date on the image file name, and build letter as the image id.

For example, if you are upgrading using image file ld-v1-00-h323-020508a.zup, you would use an image_id of 0x020508a since the build date is 020508a. To instruct the phone to upgrade to firmware image ld-v1-00-h323-020508a.zup, you would include the following parameter in the phone profile.


For further information about configuring the profile, see "Configuring the Cisco IP Phone 7905G."

The default values listed below do not trigger any upgrade: