Cisco CallManager Serviceability System Guide, Release 4.0(1)

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CiscoWorks2000 serves as the network management system (NMS) of choice for all Cisco devices as well as the Cisco CallManager system. Because it is not bundled with Cisco CallManager, you must purchase it separately. Use the following tools with CiscoWorks2000 for remote serviceability:

The CiscoWorks2000 family of web-based products supports maintenance of Cisco Enterprise networks and devices. The products include Resource Management Essentials and Campus Manager, which provide Syslog Analysis, Topology Services, Path Analysis, User Tracking, and other network management services. The CiscoWorks2000 features support the fundamental elements and operations of Cisco CallManager:

Path Analysis defines Cisco CallManager system paths in the form of maps, trace logs, or discovery tables. Path Analysis traces connectivity between two specified points on your network. It analyzes both physical and logical paths (Layers 2 and 3) for packets that flow between those points.

By using the reporting and managing capabilities of the Syslog Analysis tools in CiscoWorks2000, you can monitor and manage a wide range of events and error messages concurrently on each Cisco CallManager server and other Cisco devices at your site.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) tables organize and distribute the information gathered from your company site.

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) enables Cisco CallManager to advertise itself to other Cisco devices on the network, allowing detection of all the installations on your site. Using information provided through CDP, CiscoWorks2000 builds topology maps that show network administrators the Cisco CallManager systems existing on your network.