Cisco CallManager System Guide, Release 3.3(4)
Cisco IP Manager Assistant

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Cisco IP Manager Assistant

Cisco IP Manager Assistant

The Cisco IP Manager Assistant (Cisco IPMA) feature enables managers and their assistants to work together more effectively.

The feature comprises a call-routing service, enhancements to phone capabilities for the manager, and desktop interfaces that are primarily for the use of the assistant.

The service intercepts calls that are made to managers and routes them to selected assistants, to managers, or to other targets based on preconfigured call filters. The manager can change the call routing dynamically; for example, with a softkey press on the phone, the manager can instruct the service to route all calls to the assistant and can receive status on these calls.

Cisco CallManager users comprise managers and assistants. The routing service intercepts a manager user calls and routes them appropriately. An assistant user handles calls on behalf of a manager. Cisco IPMA comprises features for managers and features for assistants.

For information and configuration procedures for Cisco IPMA, refer to the Cisco IP Manager Assistant chapter in the Cisco CallManager Features and Services Guide.