Cisco CallManager System Guide, Release 3.3(4)
Call Park

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Call Park

Call Park Configuration Checklist

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Call Park

The Call Park feature allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone in the system. For example, if you are on an active call at your phone, you can park the call to a call park extension by pressing the Park softkey. Someone on another phone in your system can then dial the call park extension to retrieve the call.

The Call Park feature works within a Cisco CallManager cluster, and each Cisco CallManager in a cluster must have call park extension numbers defined. (For information about using call park across clusters, see the "Using Call Park Across Clusters" section.) You can define either a single directory number or a range of directory numbers for use as call park extension numbers. The directory number or range of numbers must be unique.

Valid call park extension numbers comprise integers and the wildcard character, X. You can configure a maximum of XX in a call park extension number (for example, 80XX), which provides up to 100 call park extension numbers. When a call gets parked, Cisco CallManager chooses the next call park extension number that is available and displays that number on the phone.

Cisco CallManager can park only one call at each call park extension number.

Note Each Cisco CallManager server in a cluster must have call park extension numbers configured if users will use call park across servers in a cluster. See Adding a Call Park Number, Cisco CallManager Administration Guide for configuration details.

Using Call Park Across Clusters

If a route pattern is assigned to the call park extension numbers (for example, 80XX), retrieval of parked calls from another Cisco CallManager cluster can occur. Additionally, you must ensure that calling search spaces and partitions are properly configured. See the following example.

Example of Retrieving Parked Calls From Another Cluster

Two clusters exist in the network (cluster A and cluster B). Cluster A has user A1 and user A2. Cluster B has user B1 and user B2. Cluster A has a call park extension number range that is configured.

User A1 and user B1 connect. User A1 can park the call with user B1 (because cluster A has the call park extensions configured). User B1 is parked, and both user A2 and user B2 can retrieve the parked call. User B2 can retrieve the parked call if the administrator of cluster B configured call routing, so calls from cluster B route to cluster A when a call park extension is dialed.

Call Park Service Parameters

The Cisco CallManager clusterwide service parameter, Call Park Display Timer, determines how long a call park number displays on the phone that parked the call. This timer gets set for each server in a cluster that has the Cisco CallManager service.

This section covers the following topics:

Call Park Configuration Checklist

Where to Find More Information

Call Park Configuration Checklist

Table 27-1 provides a checklist to configure call park.

Table 27-1 Call Park Configuration Checklist 

Configuration Steps
Related procedures and topics

Step 1 

Configure a call park number or define a range of call park extension numbers.

Adding a Call Park Number, Cisco CallManager Administration Guide

Step 2 

Configure a partition for call park extension numbers to make it available only to users who have the partition in their calling search space.

Adding a Partition, Cisco CallManager Administration Guide and

Media Termination Point Configuration, Cisco CallManager Administration Guide

Step 3 

Configure park extension numbers for each Cisco CallManager in the cluster.

Cisco CallManager Group Configuration, Cisco CallManager Administration Guide

Step 4 

Notify users that the call park feature is available.

Refer to the phone documentation for instructions on how users access call park features on their Cisco IP phone.

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