System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 2.x
Managing Licenses

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Managing Licenses

Obtaining and Installing a License File

Managing Licenses

Obtaining and Installing a License File

License files, which enable the features purchased by the customer, are required for configuring a new Cisco Unity Connection system and for adding or changing licensed features. You obtain the license files by completing registration information on

Shortly after registration, Cisco e-mails the license files. The e-mail from Cisco contains instructions on how to save and store the files.

The following information is required during registration:

The MAC address (physical address) for the network interface card (NIC) in the Cisco Unity Connection server.

The product authorization key (PAK), which appears on the sticker located on the back of the Cisco Unity Connection Application Software Media kit.

This section contains three procedures. Do them in the order listed.

To Get the MAC Address of the Cisco Unity Connection Server

Step 1 Log on to Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration.

Step 2 On the Show menu, click Network.

Step 3 Write down the value for MAC Address, excluding the hyphens (for example, if the physical address is 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5, record 00a1b2c3d4e5), or save it to a file that you can access during online registration.

To Register and Obtain the License Files

Step 1 Go to the software registration site at (URLs are case sensitive).

Step 2 Enter the PAK and click Submit.

Step 3 Follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 4 You will receive an e-mail with the Cisco Unity Connection license file.

To Install the License Files

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand System Settings, then click Licenses.

Step 2 On the Search License page, click Add New.

Step 3 On the Add New License page, click Browse, and browse to the location of the new license file.

Step 4 In the Choose File dialog box, double-click the name of the file.

Step 5 On the Add New License page, click Add.

Step 6 If you have more than one new license file, repeat Step 2 through Step 5 until you have added all of the new license files.

Step 7 On the Licenses page, check the check box(es) for the license file(s) that you added in Step 2 through Step 5.

Step 8 Click Install Selected.