System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 2.x
Setting Up Phone View

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Setting Up Phone View

Setting Up Phone View

The Phone View feature allows users to see search results on the LCD screens of their Cisco IP phones when they use the Find Message or the Display Message menu. When Phone View is enabled, Cisco Unity Connection users can search for the following types of voice messages:

all new messages

all messages

messages from a particular user

messages from all outside callers

messages from a particular outside caller

Phone View works only with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CM) (formerly known as Cisco Unified CallManager) phone systems, and only with certain Cisco IP phones (see Supported Hardware and Software, and Support Policies for Cisco Unity Connection for detailed information. The document is available at

Phone View can be used with either the touchtone or the voice recognition version of the phone conversation. For use with voice recognition, the voice recognition feature must be enabled, and users must be associated with a class of service that allows them to use it.

Before you can enable Phone View for users, you must first create an application CTI user in Cisco Unified CM, and associate the applicable user devices with this user. Then, you enable Phone View for the phone system.

For information on enabling the feature for users, see the "Phone View" section in the "Setting Up Features and Functionality That Are Controlled by User Account Settings" chapter of the User Moves, Adds, and Changes Guide for Cisco Unity Connection, available at

To set up Phone View in Cisco Unified CM and in Cisco Unity Connection, do the following procedures in the order presented.

To Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Phone View

Step 1 In Cisco Unified CM Administration, click User Management > Application User.

Step 2 On the Find and List Application Users page, click Add New.

Step 3 On the Application User Configuration page, do the following substeps to create a CTI user account that will have access to all user phones for Phone View:

a. In the User ID field, enter a unique name for the CTI user. For example, enter "PhoneViewUser."

b. In the password field, enter a password for the user.

c. In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the password that you entered in Step 3b.

d. In the credential policy for the Phone View CTI user, verify that the User Must Change at Next Login and the Does Not Expire check boxes are both unchecked. Otherwise, Phone View will not work.

e. Associate the user phone devices with the new CTI user.

f. Click Save.

To Enable Phone View for a Phone System (Cisco Unified Communications Manager Only)

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, go to Telephony Integrations > Phone System.

Step 2 Find the Cisco Unified Communications Manager phone system that you want to change.

Step 3 Under Phone View Settings, check the Enable Phone View check box.

Step 4 In the CTI Phone Access User Name field, enter the name of the CTI User that you created in Cisco Unified Communications Manager for the Phone View features. Note that the user name is case-sensitive.

Step 5 In the CTI Phone Access Password field, enter the password for the user.

Step 6 Click Save.