Cisco MDS 9216 Switch Hardware Installation Guide
Site Planning and Maintenance Records

Table Of Contents

Site Planning and Maintenance Records

Site Preparation Checklist

Contact and Site Information

Chassis and Module Information

Site Planning and Maintenance Records

This appendix includes the following records to use when installing the Cisco MDS 9216 Switch:

Site Preparation Checklist

Contact and Site Information

Chassis and Module Information

Note For information about how to query the switch for configuration information, refer to the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Configuration Guide.

Site Preparation Checklist

Planning the location and layout of your equipment rack or wiring closet is essential for successful switch operation, ventilation, and accessibility. Table E-1 lists the site planning tasks that we recommend completing before installing the Cisco MDS 9216 Switch.

Consider heat dissipation when sizing the air-conditioning requirements for an installation. See Table C-1 for the environmental requirements, and the "Weight of Modules" section for power and heat ratings.

Table E-1 Site Planning Checklist 

Task No.
Planning Activity
Verified By


Space evaluation:

Space and layout

Floor covering

Impact and vibration


Maintenance access



Environmental evaluation:

Ambient temperature



Atmospheric contamination

Air flow



Power evaluation:

Input power type

Power receptacles1

Receptacle proximity to the equipment

Dedicated circuit for power supply

Dedicated (separate) circuits for redundant power supplies

UPS2 for power failures



Grounding evaluation:

Circuit breaker size

CO ground (AC- powered systems)



Cable and interface equipment evaluation:

Cable type

Connector type

Cable distance limitations

Interface equipment (transceivers)



EMI3 evaluation:

Distance limitations for signaling

Site wiring

RFI4 levels


1 Verify that the power supply installed in the chassis has a dedicated AC source circuit.

2 UPS = uninterruptible power supply.

3 EMI = electromagnetic interference.

4 RFI = radio frequency interference.

Contact and Site Information

Use the following worksheet to record contact and site information.

Table E-2 Contact and Site Information

Contact person
Contact phone
Contact E-mail
Building/site name


Data center location


Floor location
Address (line 1)
Address (line 2)


Zip code

Chassis and Module Information

Use the following worksheets to record information about the chassis and modules.

Contract Number_______________________________________________

Chassis Serial Number___________________________________________

Product Number________________________________________________

Table E-3 Network-Related Information

Switch IP address
Switch IP netmask
Host name
Domain name
IP broadcast address
Gateway/router address
DNS address
Modem telephone number

Table E-4 Module Information

Module Type
Module Serial Number






Note The supervisor module and the interface module are not removable.