Cisco Unified Communications System for IP Telephony Release 6.0(1)

Market Descriptions

Market Descriptions

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Cisco provides Unified Communications solutions for every market size. The following describes the small, medium, and enterprise markets:

Small Business

Small businesses are those with the number of employees between 5 and 100. These types of businesses can be characterized by a need for systems that are low-cost, easy to deploy, easy to use, and scalable. These companies face the challenge of managing technology without taking the focus off business.

Medium Business

Medium businesses are those with the number of employees between 100 and 1000. There are over 5,000,000 firms worldwide that are considered medium businesses. These businesses vary greatly when determining the voice, video and data requirements of running a business. The role of technology is changing for this size of business, in that these businesses are increasingly competing in a global economy and require network technology to better connect with customers, suppliers, and customers.

Enterprise Business

Enterprise businesses are those with more than 1000 employees. The technology demands of an enterprise business requires a system of enterprise-class solutions that facilitates more engaging and efficient interactions among employees, partners, and customers, and provides the foundation for a collaborative workforce. They require applications that enable user-controlled productivity anywhere, anytime with any device and standards-based, secure systems, built into an intelligent, integrated network.

Note Many of the Cisco Unified Communications products and solutions can be applied in any market. Those products and solutions that apply to a specific market are labeled as such.