Cisco Unified Communications System for IP Telephony Release 6.0(1)

Conduct User Acceptance Test
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Conduct User Acceptance Test

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After the components are configured and integrated with other Cisco IPT applications, the field engineer prepares the system for the user acceptance test. Test scripts are run and compared against expected results. Any variability in network performance is noted and addressed before the user acceptance test.

Testing the customer solution involves the following tasks:

Determine the user acceptance test parameters and deliverables and record these in the user acceptance test plan.

Conduct a prelaunch test. Using an incremental approach, test the solution against the system design in a low-risk environment with limited users. If the system is stable, the rollout pace is increased until the full implementation is operational.

The customer signs the Ready-for-Use Acceptance Letter acknowledging that the acceptance test yielded satisfactory results.

Train End Users

The final stage of the Implement phase is to help ensure that the customer's system administration team and end users are trained to take over management of the new system.

Cisco Systems offers several training and certification programs for customers to maximize the usage of their newly adopted systems. See the Training Library for more information on Cisco training websites and videos on demand (VODs).