CCIE 路由和交换

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路由和交换领域的CCIE认证资格表示网络人士在不同的LAN、WAN接口和各种路由器、交换机的联网方面拥有专家级知识。R&S 领域的专家可以解决复杂的连接问题,利用技术解决方案提高带宽、缩短响应时间、最大限度地提高性能、加强安全性和支持全球性应用。考生应当能够安装、配置和维护LAN、WAN和拨号接入服务。



第一步:笔试 第二步:实验室实践考试
Written Exam Overview (US)
The written exam is a two-hour, multiple-choice, computer-based exam that covers networking concepts and some equipment commands.

The best preparation is an understanding of networking theory and some practical experience. The Written Exam Blueprint offers a detailed outline of topics likely to appear. Review the book list and online resources provided.

Written exams are administered by Cisco authorized testing centers worldwide and can be scheduled online.
Lab Exam Overview (US)
The lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam that tests the ability to get the network running in a timed test situation.

Lab Exam Preparation
The best preparation is practical experience in configuration and troubleshooting skills. The Lab Exam Blueprint offers a detailed outline of topics likely to appear.

Lab exams are offered only at selected Cisco locations worldwide. Scheduling a lab exam requires a valid passing score on the written exam.You can also Pay for Lab Exam (US).