Time Institution Principle Investigator Titile Technology Grant
2005 Spring University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Zhou Shijie A Mathematical Model for VoIP over Wireless P2P Network Routing
Wireless & Mobility
$50,000.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2005 Spring Hong Kong Polytechnic University Rocky Chang Analyzing the impact of Smart Denial-of-Service Attacks on TCP Security $97,000.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2005 Spring South China University of Technology Zhou Jie Research on Secure Multicast Encryption Algorithm and Group Key Management Model Security $57,600.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2004 Fall Tsinghua University Yongfeng Huang Communicate Secretly Based on VOIP Using Steganography Security $72,350.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2004 Fall Tianjin University Yantai Shu Mobile-host-centric transport protocol and QoS in wireless networks Wireless & Mobility $50,000.00 Cash Award $0.00 Equipment
$0.00 Equipment
2004 Fall Shanghai Jiao Tong University Weihua Mao Research on Self-Defending Network based on Intelligent Threats Detection and Automatic Reaction Security $57,500.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2002 Fall Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Yan Ma IPv6-based Distributed Network Management (DISMAN) IPv6 $85,000.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment $0.00 Equipment
2002 Spring Tsinghua University Li Xing Re-Sequencing Other $50,000.00 Cash Award
$0.00 Equipment
2001 Fall Beijing Internet Institute Weihua Mao Study and Analysis on Combination of Mobile IPv6 and NAT-PT Technology for Large Networks IPv6