Connecting Rio through Urban Renewal

Cities around the world are embracing the concept of smart and connected urban services. The plan is simple: Use technology to improve mobility and citizen services.

One key component of our Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games sponsorship is the acceleration in transforming Rio de Janeiro into a more connected city. So, in addition to the Cisco IoE Innovation Center in Rio, we are involved in other civic projects, including the Urban Innovation Initiative in Porto Maravilha, designed to revitalize Rio’s 5 million-square-meter port area.

Using the Olympic Games as a catalyst, federal, state and local governments have dedicated R$8 billion to the Porto Maravilha project. The goal is to revitalize the area with hotels, housing, office complexes, leisure space and a light-rail transit line.

Our partnership includes deploying urban smart solutions and creating a transformational impact on the waterfront community, benefiting visitors, residents and businesses far beyond the Games.

Our IoE connected platform offers citywide Wi-Fi via a shared network infrastructure, location analytics for smart city services, collaborative public platform and remote access to government and tourist services.

IoE Innovation Center as Catalyst

The IoE Innovation Center is the catalyst. It is part of our global network fostering innovation and technology integration, housing a state-of-the-art lab, data center, partner incubation and collaboration rooms.

The Center provides a mix of practical and forward-thinking components of IoE. Key areas of focus include:

  • Fostering national and global recognition of the center, as a pillar of innovation in Brazil;
  • Building a comprehensive portfolio of innovative projects of co-innovation;
  • Growing the ecosystem by engaging venture capital funds and the startup community to accelerate and create new markets around IoE; and
  • Collaboration between local and global developers using Cisco’s DevNet resources.

Visit the Cisco IoE Innovation Center Rio website