Cisco IoE Innovation Center Barcelona provides a platform for research, technological development, and new market opportunities related to the Internet of Everything for smart cities.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a global industry phenomenon, bringing together people, processes, data, and things. It makes networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. Cisco IoE Innovation Centers are located around the world, inspiring and showcasing local IoE innovation and development.

The Center

Cisco IoE Innovation Center Barcelona

The IoE Innovation Center will be a global hub where Cisco teams up with customers, partners, startups, governments, research bodies, and academia. The center will host two kinds of innovation activities:

  • A lab to help cities in the early stages of developing urban services (smart parking, smart lighting, location-based analytics) and solutions (energy management, safety and security, cloud exchange)
  • A live showcase for Cisco solutions, including Smart+Connected Communities solutions, demonstrating their practical implementation and capability to improve quality of life

Barcelona is a city committed to innovation and sharing with other cities. It is a model for smart cities services and solutions. Additionally, Barcelona has a strong technological, academic, and research community, and serves as a center for business development.

There is no better place for the Cisco IoE Innovation Center, expected to open in 2016 as part of the new Barcelona Smart City Campus.

Smart City Tour

Barcelona's Born District is a bustling neighborhood of restaurants, shops, and boutiques. It is a smart community chosen by the Barcelona City Council and Cisco to showcase the potential of a smart city. Cisco IoE Innovation Center Barcelona hosts a 40-minute smart city tour, showing enterprises and governments with the city of the future will look like:

  • Smart bus shelters
  • Waste collection system
  • Smart parking area
  • Wi-Fi solutions
  • Environmental sensors

The tour also looks at location analytics such as temperature, noise, humidity, particle-concentration, and more. Local officials can use these analyses to detect levels that are outside of set thresholds and initiate improvements.

Smart Bus Shelter with interactive touchable screen. It displays useful information for citizens/visitors
Parking Sensors (light and magnetic). They detect the presence of a vehicle and provide real time information about on-street available parking spaces.
Pneumatic Waste Collection with underground storage and suction system
Smart Waste Management. Containers with sensors that, through the municipal network, provide real time information about the waste levels
WiFi Network. Integration of the existing Optical Fiber and WiFi networks and enlargement of the capacity and capillarity (+500 access points)
Noise Sensors. They measure noise pollution in real time and send information on the level of continuous noise (dBA) every minute


The Cisco IoE Innovation Center Barcelona links a broad ecosystem of Cisco, Spanish, European, and worldwide partners to create and deliver solutions around the Cisco IoE platform. The IoE Innovation Center accelerates the ability to take advantage of new market opportunities and capture the value in the IoE.

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The Cisco IoE Innovation Center will be located in the heart of Barcelona.

Cisco IoE Innovation Center Barcelona
358 Carrer de Fluvià
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 393 4050

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