Connect your EV Charging Infrastructure with Cisco IoT

Connect Your
EV Charging
Infrastructure with
Cisco IoT

Deliver a sustainable future

Connect Your EV Charging Infrastructure with Cisco IoT

Growing demand boosts the market for electric vehicles

Demand boosts the market for electric vehicles
Global electric vehicle

The global electric vehicle charging station market is projected to grow from 2.4 million units in 2022 to 14.623 million units by 2027, at a CAGR of 44.1%.

(Source: Markets and Markets)
Million electric vehicles

By 2030, there will be around 138 million electric vehicles in the U.S., according to projections by

ABI Research.
Funding for EV charging network

The U.S. government has announced funding of $5 billion over five years for a national EV charging network.

Source: US Department of Transportation

Electric vehicles help reduce carbon emissions from transportation and improve air quality

Electric vehicles

Transportation is the largest single source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Light-duty passenger vehicles

60% of those emissions come from light-duty passenger vehicles.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Electric vehicles powered by clean energy are an essential part of a future with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

An EV charging network comes with its challenges

EV charging network
Threats to physical and cyber security
Threats to physical and cyber security
  • Physical security to protect from vandalism
  • Secure connectivity for charging infrastructure and financial transactions
Difficult to manage
Difficult to manage
  • Manage hundreds of charging stations centrally
  • Difficult to troubleshoot and update at scale
High downtime
High downtime
  • Downtime of charging stations due to issues that require physical service calls
Low operational visibility
Low operational visibility
  • No real-time view of charging stations to check status

Turn to a Cisco IoT solution

Ruggedized design
Ruggedized design

Suitable for non-temperature-controlled outdoor use


Offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions from the data center to the edge


Management and automation tools allow quick scaling and management from a few to thousands of connections

Ease of deployment and upgrade
Ease of deployment and upgrade

With zero-touch deployment, deploy and manage connectivity with a lean IT team

Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring

Push updates and configurations, troubleshoot devices, and receive alerts on device status

Cisco provides secure, reliable and scalable connectivity for EV charging infrastructure

EV Charging Infrastructure

Connected EV infrastructure delivers

Connected EV infrastructure delivers
Fewer truck rolls

Fewer truck rolls by troubleshooting remotely using Secure Equipment Access.

Increased operational efficiencies

Increased operational efficiencies.

Better preventive care

Better preventive care due to easy diagnosis of issues.

Improved operational visibility

Reduced downtime and improved operational visibility with real-time monitoring of EV stations.

Deliver a sustainable future with Cisco IoT

Sustainable future with Cisco IoT
Manage your EV charging infrastructure

Whether you are a fleet owner, retail, department of transportation, or state government with charging stations in parking lots, along the highway, or at rest areas, connect and manage your EV charging infrastructure with Cisco® IoT.