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Redesign government.
Reimagine the future.
Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining how government works - for you and for the countries and communities you serve.
or fewer of public sector leaders have received training in change-management and transformation leadership1
of government IT leaders recognize the growing importance for technology modernization, acknowledging the negative impact of legacy systems on critical services2
of governments around the world have taken steps aimed at longer-term resilience for individuals, such as jobs redeployment and reskilling3
These changes can be daunting.
They’re happening fast, and in many cases, here to stay.
We know that you are faced with:
Acceleration of existing trends

Such as:

  • Significant shifts to remote work and virtual service delivery
  • Increased security concerns
  • Growing necessity to change processes to allow for digital transformation
  • Evolving needs and expectations of citizens
Human Resource
Appearance of new dynamics

Such as:

  • Prioritization of designing for resilience rather than efficiency
  • Sustainable investments in environmental, social, and governance paradigms
  • Digital equity, access, and inclusion as core public services
  • Disruption of business models
Evolving Business

How do you plan to adapt to disruption, pursue growth, and balance risk and opportunity?

Cisco Connected Experiences
Build resilience and
achieve critical continuity of
government services.

You need government solutions designed and built for change. With Cisco you can transform how you connect your countries and communities with security that is built in, not bolted on.

Cisco® Business Resiliency

Reimagine and redesign public service to make governing more efficient and effective for building essential services and functions securely, flexibly, and at scale.

Business Resiliency Solutions
Cisco Secure
helps you:
  • Empower employees and public servants to be productive anywhere
  • Optimize each unique experience for performance, cost, and security
  • Extend secure critical operations to the remote environments
  • Provide virtual services through remote contact center agents
Cisco Trusted
helps you:
  • Ensure worker safety and community wellness
  • Evolve to a secure and seamless distributed work model
  • Strengthen your organization’s ability to securely communicate and collaborate anywhere
  • Enable a robust security posture to build confidence and trust in government
Secure Remote Workforce
Flexible Remote AccessFlexible Remote Access
Secure Remote CollaborationSecure Remote Collaboration
Remote Contact Center
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Remote Expert Access
Optimized Application Experience
Foundational Capabilities
Additional capabilities
Trusted Workplace
Secure AccessSecure Access
Seamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration
Remote Operations
Social Density
Proximity Reporting
Asset and Facility Monitoring
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