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SD-WAN Infographic

More users, more apps, different devices, but old network.

The Cloud Era has transformed Enterprise infrastructures in many ways. Explore how SD-WAN, powered by Cisco, can enable more secure, consistent and cost effective enterprise connections.

Cisco SD-WAN can help.


Enterprise challenges

Cisco SD-WAN features

Benefits of modernizing



Enterprise challenges

>50% traffic in cloud, yet network is not cloud aware

SaaS performs poorly

Complex workflows for public cloud AWS/Azure

Cisco SD-WAN features

Single overlay that extends to data center, cloud and branch

Dynamic optimization for O365 and other SaaS

Benefits of modernizing

Optimized for public cloud and SaaS

4x improvement in SaaS response times

Seamless connectivity to public cloud








Enterprise challenges

Prohibitive bandwidth costs at $100/mbps

Traffic grows 30% YoY

Rigid architecture requires 6 – 9 months for simple policy change

Cisco SD-WAN features

Mix MPLS with low cost broadband/LTE

Centralized management & app visibility

Benefits of modernizing

>50% drop in WAN costs

Change control from six months to two days







Application Experience

Enterprise challenges

Application experience (SLA) is unpredictable

70% of app outages are tied to networking problems

Cisco SD-WAN features

Active-active hybrid links

App aware policies with real time enforcement

Benefits of modernizing

Predictable application SLA

No app outages due to networking








Enterprise challenges

Difficult to secure

Critical enterprise assets, guest wireless, business partners

Vulnerabilities in hybrid architectures

Cisco SD-WAN features

WAN segmentation with granular policies

Auth + encryption + cloud security for hybrid networks

Benefits of modernizing

Isolation for critical enterprise assets, guest wireless, business partners

Robust security for hybrid networks