Cisco Nexus Dashboard

A single platform for full-lifecycle data center automation

Today's data center is anywhere the data is

Increased complexity in ITOps with hyperconnected users and devices

Pervasive visibility and telemetry for actionable insights in the multicloud era

Multicloud environment to innovate faster and compete better

Setting the stage for real IT agility

Automation Platform

One platform, all services, open APIs

ITOps Transformation

Bridging the gap from NetOps to DevOps

Ubiquitous Network Services

Lifecycle automation from on-premises to cloud to edge

Keep pace with centralized visibility and control

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard unifies disparate, siloed, fragmented toolchain operations. This simplified management console provides:

Simple to deploy
Simple to consume

Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator extends
connectivity, policy across end-to-end
fabrics with health monitoring

Cisco Nexus Insights uncovers issues
proactively with network insights and
continuous configuration verification

Integration with best-of-breed third-party
tools for full ITOps lifecycle

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Impact of one-stop control
of all IT operations

The difference is night and day, all across
the lifecycle of the infrastructure.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard — real outcomes

Boost productivity by reducing
management screen sprawl

Simplify operations with just one
solution to manage

Easily scale multicloud infrastructure
operations with easy onboarding
of services

Lead modern ITOps transformation with
future-proof flexible licensing options

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