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A helping hand: The vital role of services in network transformation

Successful network transformation is a journey. No service provider should face that trip alone. High quality external services can support your business at every step. Whether you need help scoping and implementing your network, or whether you need long-term management and technical support, services play a vital role in network transformation.

Maximize your investment with advisory skills

You will need to ensure your business is spending money where it is likely to get the highest impact and best return. Advisory services can help you discover what you can do and what you need to do. Your advisory partner should provide consultants who can come into your business, analyze your current network structure and business priorities, and then advise on infrastructure improvements. Great consultancy should help you make cost-effective decisions quickly.

Minimize disruption with implementation services

You need a partner that will help turn business demands into a new network infrastructure. So, whether you are building a new environment or migrating from an old platform, your partner should help you plan and then implement network transformation with minimum disruption. Find a partner that can increase the speed of installation and help put the technology in your organization to greatest effect. Once the network is complete, your partner should have the capability to either hand it over to you ready-to-run, or they should help with long-term management.

Upskill your team with training

In an era of constant change, your business must ensure the capabilities of its staff are refreshed and updated. Advances in technology – like virtualization, cloud and application development – create new pressures for your teams. Your network experts can’t afford to be held back by their connection to legacy kit and outdated skills. An investment in training is an opportunity to build the technical capability for your organization to create a competitive differentiation.

Find out how Cisco services can take your business to the next level

Lower costs with optimization

Cost concerns are not only related to technical issues. Optimization really matters, too. It’s no good spending millions of pounds on tech if a significant proportion of that hardware lies idle and under-used. Your staff need to know how to make the most of your new network. An external expert in optimization can help your staff secure your network and data while staying compliant. Look for a partner than can help you cut human error, reduce outages and raise customer satisfaction.

Focus on your core business with managed services

Operations is a crucial element of a successful network infrastructure but your business does not want to spend too much time on day-to-day concerns. Managed services can help you reduce risk, cut costs and increase flexibility. These scalable solutions free your network experts to focus on customer experience, growth and innovation. Look for a partner whose offering complements your existing network infrastructure and your long-term business demands.

Reduce risk with technical support

Your business will want guarantees that the investment in its network is safe and secure. You will need deep technical subject matter experts to help your organization deliver on its reliability promises to customers. Delays in support are unacceptable, so external services can help you meet your targets. Look for a trusted partner that can help you fix any issues as quickly as possible. Your business should be able to utilize online support at any time, day or night.

Get the help you need

All these services matter and your services partner should offer you the flexibility to select the elements that help you meet your business objectives. Find out how Cisco has the services experience to deploy products effectively and to integrate them into your network.