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Manufacturing networking solutions for the new normal

You need to optimise production levels, and maintain staff safety. New staff safety parameters for mean you need to implement new measures for safety while minimising impact on profitability and performance.

PPE monitoring

Your business need

To keep your business profitable you need to keep your operations running. When you need to implement new PPE requirements to keep staff safe, you don’t want it to slow you down.

How we can help

With your network combined with our Ecosystem partner video technology, you can automate ensuring the safety and security of employees by monitoring that appropriate PPE is utilised where required.

  • Assure staff and visitor safety
  • Ensure PPE regulations are adhered to
  • Non-manual process without additional staffing
  • Increase employee satisfaction through robust non-intrusive processes

Solution overview

Leverage EVERYANGLE's powerful computer vision applications on top of Meraki Smart Cameras to verify PPE compliance.

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Social distancing monitoring

Your business need

You need to keep production running, and at the same time ensure social distancing measures are applied without avoidable performance degredation.

How we can help

Use your network for accurate social distance monitoring between employees for safety. Get instant audible and visual alarms if distance thresholds are breached.

  • Staff and visitor safety
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Employee satisfaction

Solution overview

Together with our Ecosystem partner solutions, your network can provide a social distancing and contact monitoring solution that helps enforce distancing guidelines and maintains a record of interactions to help return people to the workplace safely where interactions are unavoidable

Asset management

Your business need

To maximise business profitability you need to optimise your equipment and materials utilisation.

How we can help

Together with our Ecosystem partner solutions, leverage your networks location data to be able to quickly locate critical assets in real time and help ensure efficient workflows.

  • Improved worker productivity
  • Reduced operational and capital costs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Employee Safety
  • Asset track and trace

Solution overview

Get a real-time view of mobile asset location using your Wi-Fi. Wireless tags periodically signal over the Wi-Fi network, which Cisco DNA Spaces collects and uses to share location information to UVS Software.

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Office spaces

For smooth business operation you need staff to be able to work in your office spaces, safely. This now includes ensuring a safe environment for effective pandemic control.

Remote workers

Cisco offer a range of options to enable you to get your staff an office-grade network experience at home, with zero-touch deployment, simple set up and remote management.

More Industry solutions

Your network can help to keep your business open during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Whatever industry you are in, see how your network can help.

See all the ways Cisco is helping businesses as we all adjust to the new requirements of operating within the pandemic situation.