SD-WAN: the new landscape of networking

More users. More apps. More devices.

An influx of data and devices is pushing the limits of traditional WAN architectures, making it nearly impossible for networks to keep up. IT is trying to increase bandwidth and improve connectivity, but they can't do it alone.
Enter: Cisco SD-WAN.

With the power of software-defined networking on the WAN, businesses can improve performance, reduce costs, and stay secure. It's a cloud-first, software-driven approach that routes traffic, maintains application performance, and adapts to changing conditions—all without direct IT oversight.

70% of application outages are tied
to networking problems. 1

Harness the power of the cloud.

Today, your network has to work harder than ever to deliver better user experiences over the cloud. With Cisco SD-WAN, you can deliver applications in minutes, on any platform, with consistent, predictable performance. SD-WAN helps you create a wide area network, which means better experiences for customers and employees.

So how exactly does it work?

In a single overlay that extends to data center, cloud, and branch locations, Cisco SD-WAN optimizes software-as-a-service (SaaS) performance for Office 365, Salesforce, and other cloud-based apps. It also delivers seamless connectivity to the public cloud to simplify workflows for AWS, Azure, and more—including application-aware policies that allow real-time policy enforcement for cloud and on-premise solutions.

Network traffic is growing
30% year over year.1

Grow more, spend less.

Bandwidth is expensive enough as is, and network traffic shows no signs of slowing down. What if you could get simplified management and operations while lowering costs and increasing agility? Cisco SD-WAN offers faster, easier deployments and operations, as well as better performance. Now, you can get more bandwidth for less cost.

What's the secret?

Combine MPLS with low-cost broadband services using a hybrid WAN approach, and save time rolling out new services and branches. Centralized management and built-in automation simplify workflows to increase efficiencies even further.

90% of SD-WAN early-adopters
plan to use cloud for enterprise
apps next year.2

Deliver a unified security architecture for
multi-cloud connectivity

Lack of unified, end-to-end security from the branch to multiple clouds is increasing risks to organizations. Opening the enterprise to cloud expands the surface of vulnerability points. Providing the right level of network access to the right people at the right points in the network become critical. Cisco SD-WAN provides a robust security architecture to connect users to applications with best in class security deployment models combining branch-edge and cloud-edge.

What does that mean for my network?

Achieve comprehensive threat protection and compliance for migration to multi-cloud architectures. Single cloud management of networking policies and security policies simplifies deployment and helps make protection more pervasive. Business critical assets are isolated and protected at all times because threat defenses are embedded at important points of the network infrastructure, from branch to cloud.

Why Cisco SD-WAN?

Only Cisco offers a comprehensive network solution that includes SD-WAN along with powerful security architecture and the ability to scale at your own pace. Cisco SD-WAN solutions integrate cloud optimization, security, and advanced analytics to transform your enterprise for digital and cloud.

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