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Healthcare networking solutions for COVID-19

Getting the best possible outcomes for patients or residents efficiently, effectively and with care and safety is your number one priority. With the current pandemic situation achieving this while ensuring staff and patient safety is more critical than ever.

Hand hygiene compliance

Your Business Need

You want to keep your health or social care facility operating safely and effectively, while minimising the risk for staff and patients to pass infection.

How we can help

In order to ensure a compliant and healthy culture, Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare partner to provide a monitoring and reporting solution for hand hygiene compliance that utilises your network to do so, supporting:

  • Patient and staff safety
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Improved clinician experience
  • Increased infection control

Solution overview

Get immediate logging of caregivers utilisation of hand hygiene stations by integrating them with an AeroScout exciter with badge recognition. Your wireless network appends location information and transmits notifications to the STANLEY MobileView software.

Critical asset tracking

Your business need

Bringing immediate care and comfort to patients is your priority, and do so with efficiency you need to utilise your equipment effectively.

How we can help

Your network location data can be used to help you to quickly locate critical assets in real time, so that you can get the best available equipment to the right place at the right time, enabling you to provide:

  • Enhanced patient care
  • Increased caregiver productivity
  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Cost savings

Solution overview

Get a real-time view of equipment location using your wireless network. Wireless tags on mobile medical equipment periodically signal over the Wi-Fi network, which Cisco DNA Spaces collects and uses to share location information to STANLEY MobileView software.

Environmental monitoring

Your Business Need

You need to continually ensure you maximising your budget utilisation and avoid unnecessary expenditure, while maintaining the best possible patient outcomes.

How we can help

Use your network for wireless temperature monitoring to protect valuable materials, including test kits, pharmaceuticals, and blood products that need to be kept in controlled conditions and monitored continuously. To help you with:

  • Health and hygiene compliance
  • Reduce stock loss
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cost saving

Solution overview

Sensor tags placed in key areas send temperature data over Wi-Fi and can be used for real time alerts when condition levels deviate from set parameters in specified locations.

Resident and patient call

Your Business Need

You need your caregiver teams to be most effective and best deliver patient/resident care.  They need to quickly understand who to prioritise and where immediate support is needed.

How we can help

Leveraging your wireless network you can provide a personal pendant or call station check-in and alarm system. Caregivers can give prioritiy to residents and patients calling for help and complete routine checks more efficiently.

  • Prioritise and respond quickly
  • Room-level alarm reporting
  • Accurate location information

Solution overview

Cisco DNA Spaces together with STANLEY Arial Software processes, visualises and provides location-specific alerts and notifications transmitted on your wireless network from patient pendants and call stations.

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