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Education networking solutions for the new normal

You need to be able to open and operate your campus safely and effectively to deliver the best possible learning environment for students and staff

Safe campus utilisation

Your Business Need

You need to ensure your campus is a safe environment for your students and staff to return to study and work safely.

How we can help

Use your wireless network to gain detailed occupancy analytics, and then share key campus safety notifications to students and staff.

  • Student and staff safety
  • Real-time Campus occupancy analytics
  • Ability to set density threshold  limits and notifications
  • Ability to share key notifications to students
  • Visibility of available workspaces
  • Smart Scheduling

Solution overview

Cisco DNA Spaces can provide real time campus location analytics from your Cisco wireless infrastructure. Take this further with our ecosystem partner Lone Roofop to combine with additional data and scheduling sources for advanced campus analytics and use cases.

Social distancing insights

Your business need

You need to be able to open and operate your campus safely and effectively to deliver the best possible environment for students and staff

How we can help

Ensure your campus is a safe environment for your students and staff to return to study and work through the ability to monitor Social distancing, gain visibility and share alerts when needed

  • Student and staff safety
  • Insight and alerts into incident

Solution overview

Leverage Meraki Smart Cameras with V-App's powerful Computervision applications on top, to get realtime visibility into social distancing incidents in your campus.


Your Business Need

You want students, staff and visitors to navigate your campus efficiently and safely, reducing stress and uncertainty and improving satisfaction and engagement.

How we can help

Ensure your students can make a smooth return to your education insitution by helping them easily locate key locations, classes and available workspaces via the optimum route.

  • Student and Staff Safety
  • Visibility of available workspaces and facilities
  • Integration with Timetabling systems
  • Ability to deploy kiosks with realtime location information
  • Reduce repetitive wayfinding requests at help desks

Solution overview

The Mazemap application combined with Cisco DNA Spaces provides an indoor map and wayfinding platform enabling efficient navigation throughout your campus for staff, students and visitors.

Student engagement and retention

Your Business Need

You want to provide the best possible student experience as students return to campus to ensure learner engagement and retention.

How we can help

Gain the data driven insights and analytcis needed to deliver a world class student experience ensuring high levels of engagement and retention.

  • Safe re-opening
  • Deliver personalised student experiences
  • Build a connected and data driven Campus
  • Automatically monitor student attendance and engagement
  • Two-way real time student engagement

Solution overview

Together with ecosystem partner Involvio, Cisco DNA Spaces can provide automated insight and analytics on attendance and campus usage. When combined with Cisco Webex solutions we can provide a collaborative platform for real time student engagement.

Proximity reporting

Your business need

Keeping your students and staff safe to keep your education institution operating and educating is paramount.  If a situation does arise you want to be able to respond fast and effectively, while minimising unecessary disruption.

How we can help

Rapidly identify and respond to potential bio-security incidents across employee, students and zones, by leveraging existing wireless location data.

  • Employee and Student safety
  • Increased visibility
  • No additional hardware or apps

Solution overview

Rapidly identify potential bio-security incidents using the Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting application, leveraging wireless location data.

See how our customers are adapting

Ensuring high school exams safety during the pandemic

Through the use of Cisco Meraki video cameras, V-App monitors the safe distance between people, as well as the degree of crowding in common areas, enabling this Italian school to stay open safely through its exam period.

Istituto Superiore Bona in Biella

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