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The tale of
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A time machine for your data centre.

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Reimagine your business
with a next gen data centre.

There's never been a better time to do things differently with your data centre. Deliver IT as a Service and meet myriad demands across users, applications and locations. Share real time analytics to automate operations and inform security. Cisco next gen solutions for data centre mean you can innovate faster to seize new opportunities.

Innovation comes from many directions. Is your data centre ready for cloud? For mobility? For big data? Cisco's data centre solutions are capable of adapting to evolving standards and protocols including software defined networking (SDN) and IT consumption patterns such as hybrid cloud.

Converged and Hyperconverged systems have redefined data centre design. As a core vendor and pioneer in these markets Cisco delivers all the technologies you need in fully assembled stacks and appliances with applications preinstalled. We support a wide range of popular applications – including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft – as well as desktop virtualisation, SaaS and hybrid cloud.

Just imagine if you could identify a breach to your network in real-time. Or if you had visibility of hackers still on your network, exactly what has been taken and any threats left behind. Cisco Tetration Analytics takes you beyond security to a digital environment where security and analytics are pervasive.

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Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Digital transformation should be a top priority for most. Ignoring it could mean the demise of the business. But while most organisations use digital technologies, few reap their full potential. Read this IDC white paper to learn how to make the transition and reap the benefits.

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Cloud Going Mainstream: All are trying,
some are benefiting, few are maximising value.

Cloud adoption is growing, but few organisations have advanced cloud strategies. This InfoBrief includes the latest results of IDC interviews with more than 6,100 IT leaders who are rolling out private, public and hybrid clouds. It explores the relationship between growth, innovation and cloud at British businesses.

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Simplify and scale with ease.

Benefit from the biggest data centre innovation since server virtualisation. Hyperconverged is ideal for a number of workloads – and desktop virtualisation (VDI) in particular. Read this CIO white paper to learn more.

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See what's really going on in your data centre.

Tetration Analytics collects and analyses data in real time using software and hardware sensors. It's able to gather 1 million events per second and store up to a year's worth of data while delivering actionable insights through easy to understand visuals. See what business value the experts at IDC identified.

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Are you ready for
digital transformation

See the digital imperative in the numbers and why you should jump start your journey with Cisco.

Cisco IT's blueprint for change

We've achieved much on our digital business journey. Discover how we build new capabilities every day.

How to get ahead with Cloud

  • Want to know where your organisation is on it's cloud journey?
  • How about scoring your current cloud adoption against your industry peers?

Complete 14 questions and receive a report tailored to your organisation with advice on how to optimise your cloud strategy.

Move at the speed of business

Deliver savings and realize truly agile IT. With Cisco Nexus switches and fabric infrastructure in place your IT staff will be freed from tedious maintenance tasks and able to focus on more strategic projects.

Refresh your thinking with unified computing.

It was Aristotle that first coined the phrase 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts'. Today, his thinking rings true for many things – and the modern data centre in particular. Discover how a next gen philosophy translates into big business benefits.

Get ahead with hyperconverged and avoid surprises.

Hyperconverged delivers on the promise of moving at the speed of business. You can start small and grow as and when needed. You can do more and spend less. And you can act faster – whether to harness new opportunities or transform the way you work.

Give your data centre a 'Triple A' rating.

Tetration is a Big Data and analytics platform that helps you move to a much more robust model for information security, governance and compliance. It gives you complete visibility of everything in your data centre and embeds battlefield-grade security in your network.

Gain true visibility of your data centre.

Data centre environments can be vast, complex beasts. They run such a variety of applications and distributed workloads that it becomes almost impossible to see what's going on inside. There are tools available to help, but they can't provide the level of visibility needed. Until now…

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