IT Security for a Changing World

New digital business opportunities and new internet threats mean new challenges for IT security. Learn how different industries are protecting themselves in these white papers.

Protecting Financial Services

Keeping Financial Data and Transactions Safe

Survey results show that, when it comes to IT security, there’s room for improvement in the financial services industry. This is particularly true since this industry is a prime target for online criminals. Read this white paper for expert advice on how IT professionals can safeguard their financial services businesses and customers.

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Strengthening IT Security for Government

More Protection Needed for Government Services

The public sector is especially attractive to cyberterrorists, “hacktivists”, and other criminals looking to disrupt public services and steal critical data for political or financial gain. Read this white paper to see how government entities can strengthen IT security and stay one step ahead of these threats.

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Looking After Security in Healthcare

Healthcare: Safeguarding Patient Information

In today’s healthcare organizations, it’s critical to protect patient privacy while maintaining access to vital information systems. This paper will help you understand some of the key IT security risks in healthcare, and assess the quality of your current protections. You’ll also learn how to boost security, while keeping important data available to medical professionals.

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Defending Telecommunications Services

Improving IT Security in Telecommunications

While many telecommunications professionals consider their security infrastructures to be sophisticated and up to date, this analysis suggests otherwise. Get this paper to find out how you can protect your data and services in this competitive environment.

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Keeping Transportation Moving

Keeping Transportation Moving and Safe

Any disruption to transportation networks can have a significant impact on citizens and the economy. That’s why these networks are prime targets for cybercriminals. Connected technologies, like smart cars and highways, present even more opportunities for hackers. This white paper shows you how to maintain security in a complex transport ecosystem that’s getting smarter all the time.

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Safeguarding Utilities and Energy

Protecting Utilities from Cyber Attacks

Seventy-three percent of IT security professionals at utilities say they’ve suffered a public security breach. Because utilities and energy organizations are part of a nation’s critical infrastructure, they’re a prime target for hackers. Read this paper to see how you can protect your organization by quickly adapting to a changing security landscape.

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